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For coils of steel, aluminium or paper in horizontal axis position

Aim :

Lifting and transfer of steel, aluminium or paper coils or other rigid round bodies, in an horizontal axis

Lift :

  • in the core of the coil (bearing blocks, segment)
  • gripping on the sides of the coil
  • gripping on the outside diameter of the coil

Type of equipment :
Tongs / Grabs

  • Mechanical
  • Electro-mechanical
  • √Člectro-hydraulic

Lifting beams

  • with Counterweight
  • with spring balance

Our standard tongs
We developed three tong ranges for which we have a set of standard parts.
These tong ranges allow us to provide some tongs with a shorter manufacturing time and availability of standard parts that we manage in stock.
This manufacturing of parts in series allows us to provide you attractive prices compared to a specific manufacturing.
Even if these parts are from a standard production, we can adapt these standard tongs to your needs.

Capacity of lifting of our standard tongs:
NGH15 : up to 15T
NGH32 : up to 32T
NGH50 : up to 50T



Options :

  • Slewing gear
  • Detection of the sides of the coil:
    • Articuled mechanical tracing pin
    • Photoelectric cells
  • Load detection :
    • Mechanical ball pusher
    • Flushing capacitive detectors
    • Immersed inductive detectors
  • Protection of the sides of the coil:
    • Polyurethane apron on the arms, caisson, segment...
    • Antiscuffing apron (sliding panel)
  • Adaptation of the bearing blocks according to the core of the coils (curved, cylindrical...)
  • Retractable bearing blocks
  • Obstacle detectors by ultrason
  • Inductive core detectors
  • Hanging :
    • With fixed or removable spindle
    • For double hooks
    • Fitted with lifting's pulleys
    • Adaptation of automatic hanging device
  • Tongs installation trestle with or without stairs and platforms
  • Manual positioning handle

Other options on request