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For packages of sheets, pallets, flat products

Aim :
The handling packages of sheets, panels, pallets or of other flat products for which supports with significant distance between centres are necessary.

Lift :

  • By the bottom of the packages

Type of equipment :


  • Manual
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Electro-hydraulic
  • Electro-pneumatic



  • with forks
  • with counterweight
  • with spring balance

Our standard tongs
Whenever possible, we try to use the standard parts from our range of standard tong for horizontal coils.



Options :

  • Slewing gear
  • Tongs installation trestle with or without stairs and platforms
  • Detection of the sheet side.
  • Load detection.
  • Hanging :
    • With fixed or removable spindle.
    • With pulleys.
    • For double hooks
    • Fitted with lifting's pulleysAdaptation of automatic hanging deviceLoad detection.
  • Other options on request.