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For ingots, slabs, billets

Aim :
lifting and transfer ingots, slabs, billets in horizontal or vertical position.

Lift :

  • By any type of lifting

Characteristics of the handled products :

  • Slabs, ingots, blooms, billets...
  • Round, square or rectangular
  • Horizontal, vertical, or tipping during the stipping.
  • Steel, aluminium, bronze, zinc...

Type od equipment :


  • Manual
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Electro-hydraulic
  • Electro-pneumatic

Functions of the tongs :

  • Lifting
  • Stipping
  • Recovery flat
  • Multifunctions



Options :

There are possibilities of many options according to the customers needs and requests.

Each tong is adapted to the products to be handled as well as to the constraints of storage and the environment of works.