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Gap compensator

The gap compensator systems are integrated into the access footbridges that give access to the top of the trains.

These gap compensator systems allow, when retracted, the arrival and departure of trainsets when the catenary is powered on.

When in the "out "position, catenary not powered, the bridging systems installed all along the footbridges, give access to the top of the trainsets by bridging the gap between the fixed footbridge and the structure of the trainset.

The gap compensator is made up of a metal casing serving as a fixed bridge, which is a profile structure, covered with a 5/7 thick tear plate - Protected by galvanisation.

The mobile part works as a drawer fitting inside the casing of the fixed footbridge. The translation movement is driven by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, and guided by 2 sliders and track rollers. These drawers are equipped on the whole length with a rubber bumper profile in order to make contacts with the trainsets.

The gap compensator come under the form of modules bolted to the structure.

Gap compensator systems complement footbridges, they allow, all along the track, safe access to roofs for maintenance personnel.

These are pneumatically or electrically driven drawers with a linear movement that accept various trainset sizes.