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Lifting System of catenary line

The purpose of the system is to lift the catenary line in order to allow outsize loads to go through.

The set is made up of a central HEB structure, anchored to the ground with a plate

This structure is equipped, in its upper part, on both sides of the web of the HEB, with 2 hot-extruded steel profiles, whose dimensions are such that they contain the play between profile and roller.

In the lower part, a reduction gear, equipped with a crank or a motor, is fixed in such a manner as to obtain the translation of the mobile part by means of two double-strand chains.

The mobile part is made up of a square tube, closed at the upper end, equipped with two combined rollers on either sides of the tube's axis, on which are fixed the track brackets' lugs.

One end of the chains is attached to the upper part of the mobile set, the other to the lower part.

The rotating of the crank or the gear motor, via the profiles and rollers, drives the translation.